4 Great Design Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Design

There are many ways to change your utilitarian kitchen to one that is modern, distinct and a pleasure to spend time in. While an old trend was to eat out or buy fast food, these days’ people have become more conscious of their health and realise that good food cooked properly is not only tasty, but very healthy for us.

Children especially need healthy food if they are to grow up strong and healthy.  The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ still holds true and when you employ highly experienced cabinet makers for a modern kitchen, it will help you to prepare food that makes your family healthy and energetic.

Here are 4 great ideas you may be able to incorporate in your kitchen to make it more modern and easier to work in.

  • The butler’s kitchen – If you are designing your home or renovating the kitchen you may be able to incorporate this idea. Basically, it is to have a workspace for food preparation off the kitchen so all the messy part of cooking is not so noticeable. This space can also contain the washing machine and dryer, but it should major on counter space and storage. The main part of the kitchen will contain the stove, dishwasher and sink along with a breakfast bar and stools. It will lead into the dining area.

  • The humble barbeque – it has already moved onto the deck. With a little more forethought it can become a part of the modern kitchen, seamlessly integrating outdoor elements into the indoors to make the chef’s life easier and enable barbeques to be held year-round and in all kinds of weather. Storms and cold wind will no longer spoil your plans.
  • An organic look – the finishes used in kitchens have left the cold sterility of stainless steel behind and instead offer a warm, organic look and feel by using natural finishes such as warm timber, stone and even laminates. These materials are used on more than just the counters and cupboards. Walls and ceilings sport the new welcoming look of warm finishes so that your kitchen will enfold the whole family and visitors too.
  • Merging – with the rest of the home. No longer is the kitchen a separate room. Instead it merges with the rest of the home. The living areas can be right next to the kitchen so guests can sit in comfort on the sofa while you cook their dinner and chat to them. Kitchens can also merge with the courtyard by using wide glass sliding doors that can be opened on a warm day, but closed to keep out chilly wind without spoiling the view.

Of course, every kitchen should include the kind of design that makes life and work easier.  Touch-turn taps, deep drawers that close at a touch instead of cupboards you have to kneel down to reach inside of, great lighting and plenty of storage are just things that should always be in a kitchen. It should be a pleasure to work in rather than a space you only go into because you have to.

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