7 Shower Screen Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

7 Shower Screen Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

One of the most popular ways in which homeowners upgrade their bathrooms is with the installation of shower screens. Apart from the main benefit of no longer having to use inferior shower curtains which seem only to attract dirt and grime, and do a poor job of stopping water from getting onto the bathroom floor, shower screens are also highly attractive to the extent that they add a touch of style to your bathroom, the same way an internal glass balustrade elevates a staircase in comparison to an old fashioned wooden stair-rail.

Another huge benefit of shower screens is that there is a bountiful choice of different types and designs, all of which allow you to make your bathroom as stylish as any other room in your home. As for what those choices of shower screens are, here are seven of the most popular ideas along with a brief description of each of them to hopefully help you get closer to making your choice.

Shower Screen Idea #1 – Fully Framed

For those looking for the most robust and durable shower screens available, a framed shower screen is what you need. As its name suggests, these shower screens have the glass set in a frame making them a robust option, and safe option too. The most common materials used to make the frames are aluminium, steel, and brass.

Shower Screen Idea #2 – Semi-Framed/Semi-Frameless

For any homeowner who wants the best of worlds, which is a robust and safe shower screen, which also has a sleek design, then a semi-framed shower screen will be your choice. Also known as semi-frameless, the frame is minimised except for the outer section which makes the shower area seem bigger than it is.

Shower Screen Idea #3 – Semi-Frameless Pivot

This shower screen variation sees the semi-framed/frameless configuration in combination with a hinged door that pivots to open out whenever you are entering or exiting your shower. Some designs will allow the door to open fully outwards and inwards for maximum ease and to also help clean them when the time comes.

Shower Screen Idea #4 – Semi-Frameless Sliding

This will be an ideal choice for anyone who likes the idea of the semi-frameless shower screen but who has a bathroom with an odd or awkward shape, or which is small in size. Rather than a door that opens outwards, a sliding door is instead used which negates the tight space.

Shower Screen Idea #5 – Frameless

This is a hugely popular choice and, as you might suspect given its name, this is a shower screen that does not have a frame. Instead, the glass is usually held in position by clamps and hinges which also hold the panels together. Frameless shower screens offer maximum flexibility in terms of their size and design, and that extends to them being suitable for almost any sized or shaped bathroom.

Shower Screen Idea #6 – Mirrored Doors

There are many benefits to having mirrored doors for your shower screen with the most practical of them being that you can see your reflection when you are getting dressed and ready after your shower. In addition, they also maximise the amount of light in your bathroom which is important in bathrooms that are small, or which have no natural light coming through a window.

Shower Screen Idea #7 – Curved Door

Curved shower doors have massively increased in popularity and that is not just down to how stylish and modern they appear. Curved doors also provide you with more space when you are in your shower than a straight screen or door would. They might cost more than some other options, but they are worth it to create a unique and eye-catching shower screen in your bathroom.

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