Peter Brittain

Peter Brittain - Web DesignerPeter Brittain is the founder and managing director of The Slinky Group, owner of Slinky Web Design.

Peter has been a Designer and SEO consultant for over 18 years and is considered an expert in his field. He is also the founder and CEO of an array of online businesses that include online marketing, web design & development, website hosting and international property businesses.

Based between Perth, Western Australia and Bali, Indonesia Peter manages over 50 digital design and marketing personnel – all experts in their chosen fields – and oversees the provision of online strategy and search engine optimisation consulting services to some of Australia’s smallest and largest companies as well as International companies based in the US and South East Asia.

With a sharp acumen in SEO and laser-like design focus, Peter has been able to achieve spectacular results for clients over many years and has been instrumental in getting millions of visitors to his clients websites.

Peter is a member of The Australian Web Industry Association, an AdWords Certified consultant and a Google Partner.