Sam Sorgiovanni

Sorgiovanni DesignsAustralian Sam Sorgiovanni is a world famous super yacht designer, stamping many of the most beautiful and largest yachts in the world with his signature trademark of excellence in design, whether for the external parts of these super craft or the internals. Such yachts are not primarily meant to sail the seven seas, even though they are well-equipped to do so. Their main purpose is to offer a luxurious lifestyle and entertaining area in an environment that is as beautiful as it is different from a land based one.

Sorgiovanni studied under one of the world’s top yacht designers after obtaining his BA in Industrial Design.  He worked for the Australia’s most well-known builder of yachts Oceanfast and gained worldwide experience before eventually deciding to go into business for himself as a designer, setting up his design studio in Fremantle, WA in 1997.

Here he offers interior and exterior design for many different types and sizes of yachts, intent on creating the dream his clients portray for him and turning it into reality, claiming that without their wonderful ideas his design would not have become what it is today. In addition, the fact that Australia is surrounded by water making so much of the Australian lifestyle one that is based on water activities such as sailing and yachting, means that Sorgiovanni has grown up surrounded by beautiful boats.

Such is his skill and name in the yachting industry, in 2014 he was inducted into the Australian Superyacht Industry Hall of Fame for his amazing achievements and the contributions he has made to the yachting industry. There he rubs shoulders with other names of note in the boating world such as John Muir, who owns Muir Winches and Donald B Johnston, founder of Oceanfast.

Each year for well over a decade, Sorgiovanni’s name has been amongst those nominated for best design for several superyachts and he has been acknowledged as winner, with his attention to detail and creativity ensuring his yachts always excite the interest and respect of buyers as well as other builders and designers.

A representative of the Australian superyacht industry, perhaps one of the best things about it is that Sorgiovanni chooses to specify Australia products in his creations wherever possible so long as the quality and standards he requires are there. Thus he has had a big hand in making Australia known throughout the world as a manufacturer of top quality products that can be used in the boating industry.

With so many other people appreciating the quality and innovation of his beautiful super yacht designs, Sorgiovanni is set to remain a person of interest in the yachting world for many years to come.

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