Who are we?

Blank Media Collective is a not-for-profit arts organisation that strives to support emerging creativity by providing platforms and opportunities to share it with the wider community.

Our ethos is simple. We’re open, honest, and accessible to all.
How do we work?

Blank Media Collective operates in three simple and transparent steps:

Search, Support & Share.

We Search

Blank Media Collective unearths emerging talent through regular exhibitions opportunities, call-outs, submissions, and an ear to the ground. We actively nurture relationships with a range of major arts networks and organisations and regularly collaborate with cultural institutions, education centres and local communities.

We Support

We give emerging artists, writers, musicians and performers the time and support they need to really focus on their craft. We curate and produce high profile exhibitions and live events in and around Manchester and we publish writers and artists online on our website. We also offer creative development through mentorship, workshops and creative courses.

Now in our seventh year as a collective we have a shared knowledge and experience that is readily available to the people that we support.

We Share

We help to shine a spotlight on our supported artists through high profile exhibitions and event; promoting their work through our various networks and marketing links.

Our website allows us to share art, writing and music with thousands of readers each week.

We also produce exhibitions and events in other people’s venues. Most notably Manchester’s Greenroom (until its closure in June 2011) and Contact. All of our outlets are open to everyone. We curate art, music and performance that is accessible to all audiences and hope to provide a collaborative and inclusive experience for both contributors and visitors alike.

Blank Media Collective is a Company Limited by Guarantee (7476925)

You can help to support Blank Media Collective by making a donation to us via Paypal. We use your donations to continue our work at BLANKSPACE, to contribute towards artists’ fees and expenses, to produce the high quality exhibitions and events we are known for, and to help meet the costs of our digital output (including this website).

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