7 Shower Screen Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

7 Shower Screen Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

One of the most popular ways in which homeowners upgrade their bathrooms is with the installation of shower screens. Apart from the main benefit of no longer having to use inferior shower curtains which seem only to attract dirt and grime, and do a poor job of stopping water from getting onto the bathroom floor, shower screens are also highly attractive to the extent that they add a touch of style to your bathroom, the same way an internal glass balustrade elevates a staircase in comparison to an old fashioned wooden stair-rail.

Another huge benefit of shower screens is that there is a bountiful choice of different types and designs, all of which allow you to make your bathroom as stylish as any other room in your home. As for what those choices of shower screens are, here are seven of the most popular ideas along with a brief description of each of them to hopefully help you get closer to making your choice.

Shower Screen Idea #1 – Fully Framed

For those looking for the most robust and durable shower screens available, a framed shower screen is what you need. As its name suggests, these shower screens have the glass set in a frame making them a robust option, and safe option too. The most common materials used to make the frames are aluminium, steel, and brass.

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