5 Tips To Boost The Performance Of Your Furniture Design Studio’s Website

If you have noticed that your furniture design studio’s website has not been generating as many leads and sales as it did previously, or if you have never really been satisfied with its performance, then it might the time for you to consider giving that website a new lease of life. The professional web design experts often see clients’ returns from their website given a massive boost, simply from implementing a few updates and improvements.

By updating, we are not simply talking about the updates you might be alerted about with regards to WordPress or plugins on your website, and we are not talking necessarily about a completely new website being built. However, it does mean checking certain elements of your website are working properly, tweaking some of the design, and improving what it offers visitors. Here are 5 of these which you can implement relatively quickly and easily.

Check Your Website’s Functionality Regularly

Nothing will cause a visitor to click away from your website faster than either it loading too slowly, or when there is obviously something malfunctioning within the website. Not only do you lose that potential client, probably forever, but visitors clicking away immediately are noticed by Google, and it is one of the problems which they will use to push down the ranking of your website. It is therefore prudent to regularly check all the functions of your website including its load speed.

Check Internal And External Links

Another issue that can cause Google to push your ranking down, and your website to receive less search traffic, is broken links. When google crawls the internet and in particular, your website, it checks both the internal links within your site and the external ones pointing to your website. A regular link audit is a way of you identifying broken links before Google does, and then either fixing them or removing them.

Give Your Content A Refresh

Content is important for many reasons including your SEO, and in enhancing the experience of those who visit your website. If your content has become stale, outdated, and if you have not been updating it as much as you should, then this could be the reason that your website has been underperforming. Without fresh, quality, up to date content, your Google ranking suffers, and those who visit your website will see no justification for remaining there.

Improve The Copywriting

We presume that your website has a least one to call to action, although it really should have many of them, and preferably on as many pages of your website as possible. Within your furniture design studio website, we assume calls to action are to request call backs, more information, or for visitors to leave their email address in order to receive a brochure. Whichever you use, check them, and ask  if they are powerful enough and truly make the person wish to take action.

Enhance And Update The Visual Design Of Your Website

We mentioned updating your website’s content earlier and that goal of refreshing your website should extend to its visual design. Just as in the world of fashion, and more appropriately, furniture, website designs grow dated and trends change very quickly. If your website appears exactly the same as it did 3 years ago or more, then it could be time to give it a new look, which can be done most effectively by seeking the help of professional web designers.

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