Fence Design – How to Make Security Fencing Attractive


Security fencing is often chosen by homeowners to ensure their homes are secure from harm and their lifestyle safe from intruders. It gives you peace of mind that no unpleasant things will happen and that your possessions are safe. However, if you have a nice property with attractive grounds the last thing you want is an ugly fence to spoil the look of it and to spoil your view, so what can you do? Choosing a fence design to suit the grounds and the home is a good start.

Choose the Style and Colour

While the options may be limited, there are still some. The main choice is between a chain link or mesh fence and one with steel posts and rails. The latter gives a higher level of security and can be powder-coated so there is some choice of colour. Choose the colour to blend with your grounds and landscaping. For instance, if there are a lot of trees with dark coloured trunks on your property, a dark brown fence would blend in with them well. If your grounds are more cleared with lots of lawn, green would be more suitable.

Add a Garden

Once the fence has been installed you will be able to grow flowering shrubs or other plants along the inside. Make sure that what you plant will not grow large enough to hang over the top of the fence and offer a possible foothold for intruders to climb over. For a smaller property, a flower garden, perhaps with climbers, will make the fence more attractive. Again, ensure the climber is not strong enough to help anyone climb up.

Curve the Top

The top of the fence will create a visible line along your property. You can choose an attractive top that will enhance the look of the fence while still doing the job it is meant to. Having the top shaped to curve into an arch between posts gives a nice outline that is very attractive when viewed from a distance. The posts can also be chosen for their looks. Instead of steel posts you could have attractive brick or stone pillars to support the horizontal rails of your security fencing.

Pick a Picket

Timber picket fences can also provide security if they are high enough. These offer even more options for colour, shape and design, even though you do need to paint them every few years to ensure the timber does not rot. White always looks attractive and will usually look good with your home, but brown, green and other earth tones will certainly blend into the surrounding landscaping. You may even want your fence to stand out by painting it yellow or purple.


The fence depends on its foundations for its strength. Posts need to be cemented into the ground, or if the fence is a brick one, footings need to be deep enough to support the weight. A steel fence can look more attractive by adding concrete units along the base that are coloured to match or tone in with the colour of your home. Such a base gives a look of solidity and strength to the fence as well as preventing any digging. If you have dogs that like to dig it will keep them safely inside the fence.

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