How Can Great Pool Design Add to your Already Exceptional House?

Do you think a pool adds beauty to a house? Does it increase the market value of your property? Investing in a pool is good for leisure; however its preference varies from country to country depending on the weather condition and lots of different factors. Let’s find out how a pool can prove to be beneficial for your upscale house.

Market Value: Up or Down?

Although there is an ongoing debate regarding pools adding value to the house; in upscale areas, pools are considered to be a necessity. The National Association of Realtors has published a study which shows the rise in home market value from 8% to 15% after the installation of swimming pools. Regionally, the Southeastern side depicts a growth range from 5% to 10%; whereas the Southwest region increment is from 8% to 13%.

It is better to install pools on big properties in rich neighborhoods as this investment will pay back in the end when you will put your property up for sale, because the buyer will want luxury in everything.

People who live in a warmer climate benefit the most from the addition of pool. The size of the pool should also be according to your property. If your property is not of much worth, installing a pool won’t be a rational investment at the end of the day. So if your backyard is big enough, you can add a garden or play area to double the fun and value.

Remember that pools require annual maintenance and innovative updates to maintain their value and get you the cost you desire when you sell your home.

Recreational Use

Summer time and pool time go side by side. Spending your summer holiday relaxing and playing with your kids are common activities. However, youngsters can also take full advantage of the pool by calling their friends over and having a pool party. Swimming is also a great way to exercise. By installing a pool in your house, you are making sure that your family remains healthy with more enjoyment and family time together.

Safety Measures

Although pools beautify your house, there are a few precautionary measures you should take for safety as well as the maintenance of the pool which are as follows:

  1. Maintenance of the pool every month is essential, health wise as well as hygiene wise. To protect everyone who is using the pool, use of chlorine and other chemicals is necessary.
  2. If you have young kids in your house, making a boundary around the pool is essential to keep them away if there is no adult supervision.

We cannot deny that a house with pool facility is unique and remarkable and appears appealing to people. Moreover, the delight and amusement, and the memories you will make with your loved ones in the pool is immeasurable to any amount of money in the world, and will also enhance the quality of your life.

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