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4 Difficulties You May Encounter When Moving Interstate

Moving interstate is somewhat different from moving across town and not only because of the extra distance, although that is certainly a factor.  The longer a truck is on the road, the more likely it is that misadventure will affect it in some way. There can be bad weather, heavy traffic, accidents and breakdowns that are all likely to cause delay in arriving at the destination. It is essential to take this into account when planning times and dates.

  1. Keep in contact

It is also essential to give your professional removalists several ways to contact you in case of emergencies or hold-ups.  Otherwise you could be waiting at your new house wondering when your furniture will ever arrive. Your mobile phone, phone numbers of friends or family who can contact you and even an email address will all be very helpful for the removalists to stay in contact for whatever reason. And don’t forget to keep that mobile phone charged up and on at all times until you and your furniture are all reunited in your new home.

2.Plant restrictions

Another problem many people don’t even think about when packing up and heading off to another state is plant restrictions.  Very often certain plants cannot be taken into another state and sometimes they cannot even be taken past a specific point in the same state. So if you want to take cuttings or plants with you from your current garden you may not be able to. In fact, in NSW you cannot even take raw fruit past a certain point when heading south. And plants cannot be taken into Western Australia from other states.

3.Packing with care

When moving interstate, packing needs to be done more carefully with extra padding that will last the longer distance. It is wise to clearly label boxes on the top especially if they contain breakables.  Also, put your name, delivery address and job number on each box, because sometimes two or more people share a truck over such a long distance.

4.Coping with emotional problems

When you move far away from family and friends there will always be some kind of emotional fallout.  Make new friends as soon as possible and check on the children to ensure that they are coping with the change. Join up with a club or two or introduce yourself to your neighbours as soon as you have time.

Children can be quite resilient to change, but they will have left their friends behind so make sure they are finding others to take their place. Joining the school P&C or volunteering for tuckshop duty will help you make friends and help the children to feel that they are not quite so alone.

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