How to Pick the Perfect Anniversary Piece

How to Pick the Perfect Anniversary Piece

It can be challenging enough to pick an engagement ring for your bride or groom to be. You have to think about metals, the setting, the diamond, and much, much more. It’s more than just your average piece of jewellery.

But what can be just as challenging is picking an anniversary gift. What are you supposed to get for the love of your life that tops a wedding or engagement ring? Here are some tips on how to select the perfect anniversary piece from

Think About the Anniversary

How long have you been married? The number of years can dictate the type of gift or piece of jewellery you buy. For example, if you’ve been married for two years, then a necklace or bracelet with two stones in it can signify that milestone.

You can also align anniversaries with material types. For example, a sixth anniversary is iron, the seventh is copper, and the eighth anniversary metal is bronze. You may be able to incorporate these materials into your gift of choice.

Focus on a Theme

Every wedding anniversary has both traditional and modern themes. While you don’t have to follow these, they can help you choose a suitable anniversary gift for your significant other. For example, a second anniversary has a traditional gift of cotton and a modern gift of china. It also has a representing gemstone of garnet.

Many people purchase red garnets to signify a second wedding anniversary, so you’re bound to get a lot of inspiration.

What About Interests?

If you want to buck the trend and steer away from jewellery that ties in with years, you can focus on interests. You may have even thought about interests when you purchased your initial engagement ring.

Think about a hobby your loved one enjoys. The beauty of the jewellery market is that it’s changing all the time. Jewellers are coming up with some fantastic ideas that may just work in with your interest of choice.

Think Romance

After some years have passed, it can be hard to keep the romance alive in a relationship. The love is still there, and the passion, but there’s also a new comfort zone. Bring back the romance with whichever gift you choose – almost like you were giving them their engagement ring all over again.

There are plenty of materials and items that signify romance, such as long-stemmed roses, a love letter, or a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Rely on an Expert

Sometimes, you just have no clue what to get your significant other as an anniversary gift – and that’s okay! The fun thing about jewellery is that those who produce and sell it are passionate about it. They will ask all the right questions and help you identify the piece your loved one will adore.

If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, then there’s no time to waste. Now’s an excellent time to be thinking about the best anniversary piece that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

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