Why Upgrade to a Glass Frameless Shower Screen?

Glass Frameless Shower Screen

The most crucial parts of your home to renovate are your bathroom and kitchen. They are the areas you spend a lot of time in, and the ones that need to be both practical and easy-care. When the time comes to add value to your home, then start with the bathroom renovations and, more specifically, your shower.

You would be amazed at how beneficial something as simple as shower screens can be. Read on to learn why a glass frameless shower screen may be the right investment for your bathroom.

Resale Value

Most real estate agents will tell you that you shouldn’t spend more than two percent of your property’s worth on renovating a big-ticket room such as a bathroom. Therefore, you have to make whatever renovations you do make, count. Start with a glass frameless shower screen. Such an item can add a touch of contemporary elegance to even the most dated bathroom.

Before you know it, you’ve found the perfect buyer who is willing to pay extra based on those two magical words in the realtor description: updated bathroom.

A Lot of Variety

When you start looking at bath and shower options, you are reasonably limited unless you choose something custom. However, when you add shower screens into the mix, an entirely new world of customisation awaits. You can choose from all manner of shower screen styles that tie in with your unique bathroom style or configuration.


Everyone who takes care of the household chores will be familiar with the challenges of bathroom cleaning. There’s a reason it’s one of the most-hated duties of all time. If you invest in a shower screen, life gets that little bit easier.

As shower screens can be frameless, you don’t have to worry about grime getting into nooks and crannies – there aren’t any! A simple bottle of glass cleaner and a cloth can make all the difference.

Contemporary Elegance

Everyone wants to be proud of their home, but changes can cost a fortune – and not everyone knows where to begin. If you are trying to invite some contemporary elegance into your home, then a glass shower screen is an excellent place to start.

Small changes like this may not be expensive or dramatic, but they can enhance the entire feel of the area. You can then be more positive and knowledgeable on what other changes to your home can follow.

You don’t have to entirely make over your house for it to feel like it’s brand new. Small changes such as glass shower screens and even a fresh lick of paint can transform an area. If the time has come to bring your home into the 21st century, then start with the bathroom. You can then proceed to tackle the rest of the house with far more confidence.

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