5 Different Gazebo Design Styles

Gazebo Design

A gazebo as opposed to an outdoor patio is a structure that stands apart from the house and is usually located somewhere in the garden to create a focal point. The idea of having a gazebo is that it gives you a place from which to enjoy the outdoors while still having some kind of comfort and shelter. Perhaps you want to recreate a holiday feel in your backyard similar to what you may have enjoyed at a luxury Bali villa or some other exotic location.

The roof is shelter from the hot sun and sudden shower, while the furniture inside – whether comfortable sofa or plain bench – offers a place to sit and rest for a while. It is up to you what kind of gazebo you have and what you have inside it.

Gazebo Design

Gazebo Design

Here are 5 different styles of gazebo you might like to choose from.

  • Octagonal or hexagonal. These are the two most popular shapes for gazebos, though they can be oval, square, rectangle or even round. The round one is not considered to be efficient in what you can fit into it for the size, however it may suit your purposes better than the others.
  • Another distinction between gazebos is what they are built from. You can choose almost any type of building material, with timber being one of the most common and popular. There is also powder coated aluminium, steel or even plastic. Metal gazebos are almost maintenance free which is why they are popular. Timber must be treated to prevent rot and warping, but it gives a timeless look in many different styles that is always popular.

  • You may only want a gazebo on a temporary basis to host a wedding or throw a party. In this case, the pop-up one is for you. There are two types, one made of plastic or vinyl that simply folds down, and one that comes in pieces that must be fitted together. Which you choose may depend on your skills as a handyman.
  • Some gazebos are fully enclosed with glass sliding doors to keep out biting insects, rain and wind. This extends their life as they can be used almost all year round, depending on where you live. Others have options for closing off one or all sides with curtains made from mesh or outdoor material that withstands the weather. Some are only partially enclosed with a slow wall that allows the installation of benches around the edges.
  • A gazebo doesn’t have to be out in the garden, you can have a patio gazebo with the four posts permanently bolted to the floor of the patio whether that is timber or concrete. The benefit of this is that it will be closer to the house so more convenient to access with that cup of coffee – and if you use it for a family wedding, much easier for everyone to get to.

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