10 Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Were we to ask 100 business owners where the floor is on their list of priorities, 100% of them would probably say that the floor is beneath everything else. That is, until there is a problem, and they then decide that as a priority they need the offending floor refinished with an epoxy floor coating.

If you are reading this because you have a floor that has become a priority or you want to find out a bit more about epoxy floors, then read on, as we are going highlight 10 of the top benefits of epoxy floor coatings.


It could be that instead of just one floor, that you wish to use epoxy floor coatings on a number of different floors, and in different sections of your business. This is one of the great advantages of epoxy floors in that they are extremely versatile and can be used in various scenarios such as offices, receptions areas, canteens, storage areas, and production facilities.

Improves Appearance

With the huge array of options that you have with regards to designs, colours, and patterns that can be achieved with epoxy floor coatings, you will be able to make any area appear as though it has a complete refurbishment.


Apart from making a floor look better, one of the main benefits of epoxy floor coatings is their durability. This helps to protect the floor underneath, especially if it is a floor that receives a fair amount of abuse in the form of high footfall, heavy equipment being placed on them, and items being dropped on them.

Chemical Resistant

In facilities where chemicals are being used, there is always the danger that spillages can occur. Apart from it sometimes being difficult to clean them up, there is also the risk of damage to the floor. With an epoxy floor coating being resistant to chemicals, that problem is eliminated.

Extremely Safe

Despite their visibly smooth surfaces, epoxy floors are non-slip and therefore a much safer surface for your staff and customers to walk across. Epoxy floors also do not have the issue of allergens and bacteria being present that some soft floor coverings have.

Budget Friendly

Epoxy floor coatings are a far more cost effective option, than having the entire floor ripped and renewed. Further to that, in the longer term epoxy floors save money with regards to them having lower maintenance and cleaning costs.

Low Maintenance

Once an epoxy floor has been installed, the level of maintenance that it requires is virtually nil. Apart from ensuring it is cleaned regularly, which we assume you are likely to do with all floors anyway, then it should not need any further attention.

Easier to Clean

Epoxy floors are one of the easiest to clean, and they also take a lot less time too. All they require is sweeping to remove dust and grit, and then to wash them, a wipe with a soft mop is all that is required. The smooth surface is non-porous therefore there is no risk of water soaking into it when it is being mopped.

Environmentally Friendly

Yes, epoxy floor coating might be made from chemicals, but it does not require many of them, and because it can last for many years, and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, it is deemed an environmentally friendly product, especially compared to many other flooring products.

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