6 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

6 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

When trying to design your kitchen, there are lots of things you can do to make the process and the result the best it can be. However, there are also several ways in which you not only make it more difficult for yourself but also have a design that is nowhere close to what you need or want.

We could probably create a list as long as this page contains what you should and should not do when trying to design your kitchen, but as we assume you do not wish to spend the rest of the day reading, we have kept it to just six mistakes you should avoid making when designing a kitchen.

Underestimating The Amount Of Storage Space You Need

A huge mistake is not to calculate and include in your kitchen design enough storage space. Consider organising your storage space with personalised labels to keep your new kitchen always looking neat and tidy. Apart from your current utensils, pots, pans, and the amount of food you store, you are likely to buy new items for your new kitchen so ensure that, if anything, you overestimate the storage rather than leaving yourself with not enough.

Not Calculating How Much Worktop Space You Need

An extremely common mistake made when designing a kitchen is not calculating how much counter space is going to be needed. This will vary depending on the size of the kitchen but is more likely to be influenced by how you use your kitchen. Do you bake? Hold frequent dinner parties? Does your family eat in the kitchen or dining room? These questions and others will point you towards how much worktop space you need.

Not Including Enough Lighting

Often, someone will sit in their kitchen to design it with the sunlight beaming through the window. As such, they will fail to include enough lighting in their design. For a kitchen to be as functional as possible, there must be plenty of light. Think about the darker evenings of winter or kitchen areas with limited sunlight, even in the daytime.

Not Getting The Balance Right Between Practicality And Aesthetics

Understandably, you want your new kitchen design to look stunning, but that comes with a qualification. You do not want to focus everything on getting the aesthetics and styling 100% if that means that your kitchen is not practical to use. You will soon be cursing your kitchen, no matter how great it looks, if you cannot use it easily and efficiently, so strike a balance between appearance and functionality.

Not Working Within Your Budget

This mistake is made when you simply create a design and then add it all up to see what it costs. That can mean you having to create multiple designs. Please start with your budget, allocate a percentage to each section of the kitchen, and then design it based on what you can spend. You may still have to make changes but at least you will not be starting all over again.

Not Seeking Expert Advice

It could be argued that this is the biggest mistake. By you not seeking expert advice your design is highly unlikely to be as p[practical, aesthetically pleasing, workable, and affordable as it would be if an expert kitchen designer is helping you. Many kitchen companies offer a free design service if it is them you choose to build and install your new kitchen, so take advantage of that fact.

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