How High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove Mould From Your Home’s Exterior

How High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove Mould From Your Home's Exterior

One of the worst organic substances that can attach itself to the exterior of your home is mould, and this is why many homeowners require the services of a high pressure cleaning company to get rid of it. One of the main reasons you need to remove mould from your home’s exterior, apart from how unsightly it makes your home look,  is that it is destructive. In addition, it can also cause several health issues too.

As for its destructive properties, mould causes issues ranging from discolouration and staining of surfaces to rotting the materials on the outside of your home to the extent that they need replacing, which could result in huge costs being incurred. One material to look out for is  limestone, as it can become plauged with mould and requires high pressure limestone cleaning to remove it.

More serious than that are the health implications of having mould growing around your home’s exterior. Mould can induce breathing difficulties and coughing, and can also irritate the eyes and the throat. It is especially troublesome for those with conditions such as asthma or allergies.

Hopefully, you will agree that mould is something which you want to eliminate as quickly as possible. Delaying or ignoring it can mean that the mould grows unfettered, and if allowed to do so, when you do eventually get around to dealing with it the damage to health and property could be significantly more serious than it would have been had you dealt with it earlier.

Mould Removal Should Not Be A DIY Project

If you research online you may see articles that recommend getting rid of mould cheaply by simply doing so yourself. This usually involves hot water, bleach, a scrubbing brush, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease to scrub the mould away. There are several reasons why this is not the way to go.

First, as you scrub at the mould some of its microscopic spores will be released into the air, and as you are closest to them you are likely to breathe them in, which is hardly going to help your respiratory system. Second, it is not the most efficient way as you will almost certainly not reach every spot where mould is growing.

Finally, and this is usually the killer point that stops people from going ahead with the DIY method, have you thought about how long it will take and the amount of scrubbing your arms are going to have to do? It can take hours doing it this way, and almost certainly when you are about halfway through and your arms are aching, you will wish you had never started.

Why High Pressure Cleaning Is The Proper Way To Remove Mould

If you want mould removed properly from your home’s exterior surfaces, the sensible, and indeed, the most effective way to do so is to hire a professional high pressure cleaning company. Not only will they have all the equipment and apparatus best suited to mould removal, but their operatives will also have the skills and experience to help eradicate the mould properly.

They will know what level the water pressure needs to be at to remove mould without causing any damage to the surface it is attached to. Also, this is a far quicker process than you doing it by hand, plus it is safer because high pressure cleaning does not use bleaches and chemicals which could be harmful to the environment. Finally, a high pressure cleaning company often offers services to prevent the mould from returning such as treatments and sealing of exterior surfaces.