Why Full Gyms are a Great Design Idea for the Home

Full gymnasiums have been part of up-market home designs for a while now, but the trend has now spread to luxury yacht design as seen in the yacht Nirvana, designed by Sam Sorgiovanni. Having a gym on board is a great way to get some exercise to stay fit and shed the kilos from those luxury meals, given that the space is limited.

Of course, in a yacht of over 88 metres in length it may not be quite as limited as you first thought. And there are usually one or two swimming pools that can be used for exercise, but what if the weather is too cold for swimming? Head for the gym and get a great workout on all that fine equipment.

As far as home design is concerned, having a gym included not only saves time in going to and from the gym, it is also a safety measure for those whose only spare time to work out is after dark. You don’t want to be jogging down dark streets in most cities. And often, having negotiated heavy traffic going to and from work, no one wants to go out yet again to get to the gym. Besides which, there are spouse and family commitments to consider.

Having a home gym is also a very great convenience for people who are housebound with babies or younger children who simply cannot keep up with you if jogging, or who are sure to start screaming for attention as soon as you start that treadmill exercise. By the time you have seen to their needs, someone else is on the treadmill.

So if you are designing a new home, keep in mind the need for a gym. Exercising every day helps to keep you not only fit, but also much healthier. It reduces cholesterol and tones up the heart muscle as well as other muscles. It helps you to lose weight and feel good. You can get your exercise in while the baby is napping or by taking your toddlers with you to play on the floor while you work out.

So whether you are on a luxury yacht or in a land-based home, having a full or even a part home gym is considered an essential by many people, especially those who have to sit down a lot during their work day. By including a home gym in your home or on your yacht you can always be sure of having a way to get fit. The only problem might be with motivation. The idea is to make exercising fun by including things like pleasant music to listen to, or even a movie to watch while you walk that treadmill.

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