5 Different Kinds of Outdoor Spaces


An outdoor space is meant for the whole family to enjoy, giving them a chance to get out in the fresh air after being at work, or at school – or just inside – all day. When work starts early and finishes late you are likely to get mining syndrome; feel like you never see the sun or even the light of day. This is not good for you, but can easily be fixed by creating an outdoor space with comfortable outdoor furniture so you can enjoy being outside in the late evenings or at the weekend.


If you come home from work and have to start getting the evening meal almost straight away, your time outside will be minimised. That is why an outdoor area should include a barbecue, a pizza oven or some other means of cooking along with some beautiful decking from Decking Sydney. You can then get everyone outside to enjoy what’s left of the day while dinner is cooking and you can keep an eye on it and the children as well.

So what kind of outdoor space would you like? Here are 5 choices.

  1. A wide veranda that is an extension of the home. It will have 3 sides and a roof to give the greatest protection while still letting in light and fresh air. This is a very versatile and convenient space and you can even use it for an outdoor kitchen/dining area. Electric lighting can be installed easily and safely. View more outdoor lighting ideas
  2. A deck is somewhat different as it may not be attached to the house, or even have a solid floor or roof. Many decks just have pavers for the floor. This makes them easy to build and cheap as well, although they may not be convenient – especially in wet weather. Most decks are close to an external doorway to make them easier to access. Some decks are added to the home, but have no roof.
  3. An outdoor space in the back yard that is away from the home. Not made to be an all-weather retreat, this may have pavers for the floor, but no walls or roof. There may be a shade sail. Often, a path leads from the back door to this area just to keep your shoes dry after rain or heavy dew. Lighting choices are limited.
  4. A gazebo has a roof and a floor, but usually no walls. However, you can hang curtains for shelter or privacy. These are usually some way from the home and can contain more comfortable outdoor furniture than a space with no roof. If PVC roller blinds are installed, it can be made weatherproof.
  5. A patio can be as large or as small as you want – and council regulations allow. It is usually attached to the house and contains pot plants, a comfy chair or two and a small table if you wish. Great for reading, doing certain crafts or just enjoying the sunset.

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