Home Design for the Smart Home


Home design for the Smart Home starts right at the planning stage, however it can be installed after the home is built if necessary.  The main thing is to have the wiring in place so that all the latest technology can be installed as the home is built – or even added afterwards. Once the wiring is in place, adding components after the building stage is easy.

Having what is called a Smart Home is not only about entertainment and convenience; it is also about safety. For instance, you can have an alarm for the other end of your driveway that will alert you when any car or person enters the drive. This is good for those homes with long driveways that may not all be visible from the house. Your house alarm can be automatically de-activated as you drive in yourself and reactivated when you leave. The same goes for lights, heating and cooling which can all be automatically switched on or off as you enter and leave.

Smart Lighting and Sound

In fact, Electrician Perth Experts advise that lights can not only be turned on and off remotely, they can be dimmed for an evening or even change colour at the flick of a switch. LED lights can now integrate with this kind of technology.

Smart home design also encompasses things like being able to turn sound on and off and also adjust it and being able to monitor the baby visually and with audio from any room in the house. If you work from home, and are designing your home office, you can have a screen to monitor who is knocking on the door and speak to them without opening it. And of course, you can unlock the door remotely as well.

Unlock the Doors with No Key

Being able to lock or unlock the doors when you are not even at home is amazing and very convenient. If necessary you can let in relatives or tradesmen from your office desk; no more leaving the key under a rock or having another one cut that might not be returned to you.  You can also check whether you left a door unlocked – in fact, a Smart home will let you know on your iPhone – and you can lock it from your iPhone too.  This and many more things can be done using your iPhone when you have a Smart home.

Temperature Control

A Smart home can also control the inside temperature automatically or remotely, based on your needs. So there is no need to come home to a house that is stifling or freezing cold, simply use your iPhone to remotely adjust the temperature. And while you are at home the temperature will be adjusted automatically. You can also do it manually if you want to.

Garden Maintenance

No, a Smart home will not weed your garden, but it will certainly ensure it is watered properly. This is not just about setting your sprinkler system to come on at regular intervals. It is more about using technology to identify whether it even needs watering and to act accordingly. So if you have a sudden storm, there is no need to adjust the irrigation timing because your Smart home will do all that for you automatically.

Videos: Smart Lights

A smart lighting setup for the CNET Smart Home

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