Garden Design

Garden Design

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned garden mаkеоvеr, plants here, paths there, turf over the main area, оr a more creative landscaping job that garden landscapers just love to do. Well, that’s what they tell us and hope we believe. Garden landscapers are real outdoors-type blokes, tanned legs and arms that are always exposed to the sun, and they are a hardy breed of men who were probably seen more often hanging off scaffolding structures making suggestive remarks tо lаdіеѕ раѕѕіng іn the streets bеlоw. Well, they used to, but it’s politically incorrect to do that. As that famous singer pointed out, the tіmеѕ they are a-сhаngіng.

Landscaper’s Knowledge

A properly qualified garden landscaper needs to be a bit more than a person that builds a few garden beds and fills a few planters. It’s a competitive business and customers are looking for an expert who can transform their yards into something that will grace the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Fountains, ponds, and waterfalls are common enough requests from homeowners looking for a nice, peaceful place in which they can relax after work.

His Assistants

The garden landscaper is more like a technician now, a person who needs specific skills and certainly a lot more knowledge with regard to irrigation, garden lighting, pond and waterfall formation, water pumps and of course, the most suitable plants and lawn to put into your garden for the very best effects. The best landscapers are able to call on other trades as required such as electricians, horticulturists, fencing contractors and they need to know all about the garden machinery that is used to make your garden dream turn into reality.

Spiritual Landscapers

Look for the hidden qualities that will not be obviously apparent in a landscape gardener. Maybe they are not spiritual, as in ‘at one’ with nature, but they will be environmentally conscious and aware that Mother Earth needs looking after. By doing the best for your garden they are achieving small steps in the overall wellness crusade they might be on. For sure, they want your garden to be ‘at one’ with nature and for you, their customer, to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Making it Happen

Sometimes the jobs done by a landscape gardener result in areas for seating and allowing for a natural interaction with nature in the limited space available in a yard. There are patios to build, play areas for children to be designed, ponds to be dug, lawns to be laid, and all that garden maintenance to be done.

If you find a quality garden landscaper, that person will be able to work with all the natural resources on hand, like earth, light, wood, water, stone and rock. By being able to create different shapes and textures within the confines of a yard is what sets a great landscape gardener apart from others.

There is no doubt that landscaping is an art. The yard is the empty canvas and a good landscaper can visualise how it will look, and more importantly, has the knowledge and the skill to be able to put it all together and make it happen. Don’t forget to give him a cuppa while he creates something awesome!

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