Pool Design – Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Environmentally Friendly?


Installing a swimming pool in the backyard is an added responsibility even though it brings a great deal of pleasure. Cleaning the pool can take a lot of time and effort, unless you purchase one of the robotic pool cleaners that are available. A pool cleaner will take the burden of work off you, but are they environmentally friendly?

The answer is yes, and here’s why.

  • Pool cleaners have a very low voltage, so they don’t take up as much power as you might think, even if they are going for several hours. Some only cost 15 cents to clean the pool.
  • Using an automatic device to clean your pool on a regular basis will reduce the amount of chemicals needed to ensure the correct ph of the water. Less chemicals is always a good thing.
  • Cleaners remove algae, leaves, sticks and other debris that falls or blows into your pool, making the pool water cleaner and more fit for swimming in, so that is being eco friendly too.
  • Being electric, they don’t have any dirty emissions from the motor, so can’t pollute the air.
  • Some newer types of cleaners can be powered by the pool pump and are very quiet.

There are a lot of different cleaners on the market so it is important to do some research to ensure you get one that is suitable for the pool you have. Another consideration that many people forget about is the weight of the cleaner. You have to lift the cleaner in and out of the pool.

Getting a heavier cleaner into the pool may not be a problem, but lifting it out again can be if you are not a strong person. Luckily, there are really light cleaners available, but they may not do the walls. This is why it is important to consider all the details.

Other features to check

  • The cord should have a swivel end so it doesn’t get tangled.
  • The bag that collects the debris should be large enough for leaves and twigs. Some models require purchase of a larger bag.
  • Not all cleaners can pick up both large and fine debris
  • Not all cleaners are strong enough to do the walls
  • With some models rocks get stuck in the turbine
  • Not all models climb stairs
  • Cable length may not be long enough
  • The automatic cycle may not be long enough, or it could be too long.

As mentioned, the size and type of your pool will usually dictate the kind of cleaner you buy, but budget may also be a factor. Remember that the cheapest is not always the best for the job.

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