Shade Sail Design For Your Business

Shade Sail Design for Business

When you have a business it is important for your customers to feel welcomed and to be comfortable when they are there.  In a hot climate, shade sails from Shade Sails Perth can be really helpful in keeping the building cooler and reducing the glare from those large shop windows so customers have an enjoyable shopping experience.

There are many advantages to adding a sail to the outside of your business premises.

  • They cut the glare from your display windows, especially good if they are facing west.
  • By throwing shade over display windows, the goods that are on display are protected from excessive heat and from fading; important for clothing displays, or anything else made from fabric that can fade in sunlight.
  • Shade cloth outside can make a pleasant place for customers to wait, or to sit and enjoy their coffee or cold drink if you have a coffee shop.

  • Shade cloth can also add a measure of protection from light showers so customers don’t have to scuttle inside quickly should the weather take a turn for the worse.
  • A fenced and shaded play area for children outside your premises will make doing business with you much easier for mothers of smaller children. They will know their children are in a safe space while they are there.
  • It creates high visibility. A brightly coloured sail can become a landmark for your part of the town and become part of your advertising without needing to have a word on it. People will simply point out the colour.
  • Sails are an excellent addition to any business in the hospitality industry where tables and chairs overflow into an outdoor space. No one wants to sit outside in the sun on a hot day, but the addition of shade will ensure your alfresco areas are always full.
  • By keeping the sun out of your indoor areas, things like curtains and carpets are protected from fading and rotting due to the sunlight on them.
  • Installing shade cloth in the form of a sail is quite cost effective when compared with the kind of roof that needs to have more solid support and foundations. Sails are very light and can be supported easily by just a few light poles. They can even be attached to the side of the building.
  • You can create a shady place out the back for employees to have their breaks, ensuring they will come back to work feeling rested and happy instead of hot and tired.

If your business needs protection from the sun or just something different to make it stand out in the crowd, adding a sail could be the way to go.

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