7 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Landscape Designer To Design Your New Garden

7 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Landscape Designer To Design Your New Garden

There are many ways in which you can have a design created for a landscaped garden, but if you want it to be done as it should so that the finished garden is one you are delighted with, then you must entrust the design to professional landscape architects. Whilst professional gardeners and others with design skills might be able to offer suggestions and tips, ultimately the design of a newly landscaped garden requires the skills and experience of landscape designers.

We are not just saying that because they are the best person for the job, but because there are several reasons why you want a landscape architect to design your new garden. To back up that statement here are seven of those reasons we hope will help to convince you that a landscape architect is who you must call upon to have your landscaped garden designed.

Reason #1 – Landscape Architects Can Generate Lots Of Design Ideas For Your New Garden

Not every homeowner is going to burst forth with tons of ideas for their garden and the good news is they do not have to. They might have some preferences but when it comes to bringing a range of ideas to the table, a landscape architect will have plenty of them based on their experience of knowing what has worked in the gardens of previous landscaping clients.

Reason #2 – Their Skills Allow Them To Assess The Site Properly

Landscape design can only be effective if it is done if the site that it is going to be constructed within is taken into account properly. That is why a landscape architect is a perfect choice to design your garden as they can visit your home, assess your current garden, and then use what they have seen to start the landscape design process.

Reason #3 – Their Experience Enables Them To Narrow Down The Broad Ideas To Specific Design Elements

Most landscape designs start with a mix of ideas, suggestions, and preferences from both the landscape architect and the client. To move forward, these need to be narrowed down and refined into the design elements, features, and other specifics that will eventually be used to create the garden. A landscape architect will have considerable experience in this.

Reason #4 – Landscape Architects Can Design Gardens To Suit A Specific Budget

Not everyone is going to have an unlimited budget, and even if they do they may only wish to spend so much of it on their landscape design. This is where a landscape architect’s skills in designing gardens within a finite budget will be a huge benefit as it allows almost everyone, no matter what their budget, to have a landscaped garden designed.

Reason #5 – They Will Be Able To Plan The Construction Of Your Garden

The size of your garden, the complexity of the landscape design, and whatever features have to be built, if any, will all influence how much construction work will be required. Whatever level this is at, whether minor or comprehensive, landscape architects will have extensive knowledge of the construction planning required to install and complete your new garden.

Reason #6 – Liaising With Contractors Is Part Of Their Skills Range

With the design and construction planning finalised it is now time to find and hire contractors to build your landscaped garden. This is another valuable skill that a landscape architect can provide as they will have had hundreds of similar liaisons where they have to negotiate with and instruct the most appropriate landscaping construction company to ensure a successfully completed landscape garden is the end result.

Reason #7 – Landscape Architects Can Also Act As Your Project Manager

Possibly the biggest benefit of hiring a landscape architect to transform your garden is that they can oversee the entire project from your initial discussions through to the minute you shake their hand and thank them for doing a great job. Having that single person to manage the project is better than several.

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