5 Tips To Protect Your Carpets From Damage

5 Tips To Protect Your Carpets From Damage

There are many who pay little attention to their carpets and simply replace them whenever the need arises. For others, they prefer to care for their carpets properly and with carpet cleaning are able to prolong the life of their carpets for some considerable time.

If your thinking is closer to the latter group but are unsure how you could prevent your carpets from being damaged and thus last longer, then you are in the place. Below you will find Brilliance Carpet Cleaners‘s 5 of the best tips for protecting carpets from damage and helping them stay as good as new for longer.

Tip #1: Use Rugs In Areas With The Most Foot Traffic

In every home, there are areas of the carpets that the family walk across the most. These tend to be at the main entrance, the hallway, and doorways to the main lounge or living room. It follows that if these areas are the ones with the most use, then they are the ones which visible damage to the carpet will occur first.

To protect these areas the simplest solution is to place a rug over them which will take the brunt of the wear, and if that gets to the point when the rug needs replaced, then that is easier and cheaper  than replacing all your carpets completely.

Tip #2: Use Stain Repellent

This might not be suitable for every carpet type, and before using one, always check the carpet manufacturer’s instructions. What a stain repellent does is create a protective coating on the fibres of a carpet and therefore if a liquid is spilled on it, that liquid can be blotted up more easily than if it were able to soak deep into the carpet, damaging it permanently.

Tip #3: Clean Up Spills Immediately

Whether you are using stain repellent or not, you should also always seek to clear away any spill immediately. Allowing a stain to dry in thinking it will be easier to remove is a big mistake, as by that time it may already be permanent. There is also the fact that liquid can penetrate deep into the carpet and through its backing, causing further damage

This not only adds to the problem but with certain liquids, when they soak that deep and dry in, the odour that they start to produce can be extremely unpleasant, with milk being a prime example.

Tip #4: Place Protectors Under Furniture

This will be a more applicable tip if you are someone who likes to regularly move the furniture in your rooms around. You will no doubt know that where the feet have been leaves the fibres crushed and often they remain that way permanently, which does not look great with what appears to be dents in your carpet.

To minimise this, if you place special protectors or coasters under the feet of the heavier items, then it spreads the load more equally, and thus the risk of permanently damaged areas of your carpet is reduced.

Tip #5: Use a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Who better to clean and care for your carpets than the professionals who know exactly how to do it. The cost of hiring them will be nothing compared to the cost of replacing and fitting new carpets due to damage and stains. It will also mean that the carpets in your home will look great for longer and as microbes and bacteria will be removed from a professionally cleaned carpet, your family will be healthier.

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