Designing the Best Website for your Business – What you need to know


You need to have a good understanding of the psychology of your audience in order to deliver a meaningful experience through your website design according to the experts at Web Design Perth.

The boss at Slinky, Peter Brittain says that the human mind has a tendency to gravitate towards novelty – the unknown. Novel experiences do not just capture our attention; they are also an essential need of the human mind. We feel the pull of the world as our brain continues to seek novel experiences.

Once a new experience is known and understood, the brain wanders again to find another unknown to master. From one novel experience to another, the human brain seems to flow through the world exploring new concepts, mastering them and then setting them aside as the attention is drawn to something novel.

And all this happens within seconds!

1.      Relevance

Storytelling – The Modern Art of Learning

Your business website will be a success if only you’ll let your audience know why it is important for them to go through this information – usually portrayed through digital marketing stratergies. The learning session that you design needs to be relevant and meaningful to your audience and in order to make the information more relevant to your audience; you need to have a good understanding of their psychology.

A good way to organize information is to design it into a narrative structure. The concept of storytelling has always been one of the most critical parts of social engagement. Stories and myths are not only relatable, but are also a fun way to capture the attention of your audience.

Incorporating real life examples to your content, especially when it is too complex and obscure to comprehend, is an apt way to facilitate learning and retain the attention of your audience better.

2.      Scaffolding

It’s all about connecting the dots!

The human brain has a tendency to adapt and rewire itself. Based on new learning experiences, the brain’s neural network reorganizes and reinforces itself. By connecting newly learned information with what’s already been learned, the human brain adjusts itself to new information.  This is the prime reason why our memory is so rich, because it is formed through associations.

3.      Reinforcement

Feedback is welcome!

Reinforcement is a very critical step in helping our brain form memories because it shifts the memory from the short term category to long term category.

For example, if you learn new skills or information, you’ll be able to retain part of this information. However, since this information is held loosely in your immediate memory, just long enough for the eLearning program to play itself out.  As your brain tries to form connections, the newly learned information is held in your working memory, and once the connections are made through reinforcement, the information becomes a part of long term memory and this is how learning takes place.

Bottom Line – Know your Customers!

Striving continuously for change in our lives, we seem to be on the lookout for new and better solutions to make our lives better. The article discussed some basic rules that need to be kept in mind when designing a website for your business. Remember, if you place yourself in your customer shoes every time you come up with a plan to attract them, you’ll never go wrong.

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