Moving Your Design Firm

Many people try to save on costs when moving into a new home or office by asking friends to help them move, or by hiring a truck, or asking someone who owns one to help them out for a small reward such as a 6-pack. You may think these options could save you money in the short term, but they are likely to  cost more in the long run. How?

  • You cannot really trust anyone other than professional removalists like Removalists Perth to get it right. For starters, they are not likely to know how to pack your goods into their truck in a way that will stop them from moving. Scrapes and dents on your favourite pieces of furniture are likely and fragile treasures may get broken beyond repair.
  • A non-removalist will not have the right insurance, so if anything gets broken you will have to pay the cost of repair or replacement yourself. And what happens if they are involved in an accident enroute to your new home? Most of your furniture will end up broken and you will have to pay for that, too. You may also have to pay for medical costs or truck repairs.
  • If they are doing a freebie for you and suddenly a paying job shows up, they may ‘forget’ your deal and leave you without a truck at the last minute. It is almost impossible to hire a professional removalist at short notice, so your moving day and organisation will be thrown into disarray.
  • A friend won’t be able to supply the correct packing boxes or offer extra services such as wrapping, carpet cleaning and packing like most professional removalists do.

  • A non-professional removalist will not have the training in how to lift heavy furniture. What happens if they injure their back badly and lose weeks of work while recovering? You will feel bad and they could even sue you.
  • Is their truck in good condition? If not, you risk all your worldly goods being stuck on the side of the road while the truck is repaired.
  • A friend of a friend won’t have the equipment to make moving heavy furniture into a truck – and out again at the other end – easier and safer.
  • Nor will they expect to pay for the fuel and their accommodation and meals – and drinks – if the haul is a long one.

So all in all, it is a far less risky option to choose professional removalists who know how to care for your furniture and get it safely to its destination. And you will know ahead of time what the cost is, so you can budget for it before it is due.

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