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eco friendly carpet cleaning

For many years the only carpet cleaning products available were toxic chemicals. That was before people realised just how bad they were for the environment, not to mention the people who worked with them. It took longer for anyone to realise that such chemicals were also bad for those who used the room afterwards.

Unlike eco friendly carpet cleaning products, the fumes from chemical cleaners caused breathing problems, skin rashes and allergies. The ingredients in some chemicals are also known as carcinogenic, which means they are linked to causing cancer in some way. This in itself is a good reason to choose a professional carpet cleaner who uses environmentally friendly products to clean your carpet.

In the workplace it is important that staff can work in a room as soon as possible after it has been cleaned. If toxic fumes are rising from the cleaning products, their safety will be compromised and they will find it difficult to concentrate on their work. They could feel sick or even have problems breathing. Besides, no one wants to stay in a room that smells awful.

In the home it is even more important to have an environment that is safe. Children and pets often play, sit and lie on the carpet. If the fibres contain a toxic substance it will most certainly come into contact with the children’s skin.  And being so close to the carpet their lungs will be full of whatever fumes are being emitted from the chemicals used.

Those fumes also drift right around the home to rooms that may not even have carpet in them. When the house is shut up for the night, the fumes will increase and you will breathe them in while you sleep. That is why it is far better and safer to only allow environmentally friendly cleaners into your home.

It is not only the home that is affected by the cleaning products used. They enter the waterways and end up having a detrimental effect on the plants and organisms that live there. In fact, poisonous substances actually work their way right up the food chain if the river they are in is used for crop irrigation, or to irrigate pasture that cattle eat.

What we use to clean our homes and working environment has an effect on many other parts of our lives and the lives of others many kilometres away, so it is essential to take care. If we use poisons to clean our home, we are not only endangering our loved ones, but the whole area we live in and more besides. Using non-toxic chemicals to clean the carpet is not difficult and finding environmentally friendly cleaners for other parts of the home is easy, too.

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