Swimming Pool Designs That Stand Out

Swimming Pool Designs That Stand Out

Coming up with swimming pool designs when you’re renovating your property and installing a pool can be hard work. You might have only ever imagined having a swimming pool – not actually thinking about all the potential design options you have to choose from.

If you need a helping hand with this process, you may be able to gain inspiration from some of these design ideas below. Before long, you could be enjoying the swimming pool of your dreams.

Child-Friendly Designs

Some homeowners decide to install pools in their backyards so their children can swim as a fun pastime, especially in summer. If this is one of the main reasons you have decided to install a pool, consider the child-friendly elements your pool can include.

You might have a small shed for all their pool toys and floaties, safe decking or tiling around the outside, and a fun slide next to stairs for getting into the pool. Of course, you will also need safety measures in place, such as fences, self-closing gates, pool covers, and pool alarms.

Eye-Catching Entry

Many homeowners try their hardest to make their swimming pool blend in with their landscaping, but why not take the opposite approach? Make your pool the star of the show by creating an eye-catching entry leading to it.

Craft a stunning pathway that leads to the pool area and consider the use of strategically placed plants for symmetry. When you landscape with purpose, you may find it much easier to tie in the look of your swimming pool while also helping it to stand out in its own right.

Match Your Home’s Design

Many pool designs you see today are quite modern, which can mean older homes and newer pools don’t always work in harmony together.

Fortunately, pool builders can work their magic to create a pool and pool area that matches your unique home style. You might opt for the sharp, bold lines of a contemporary home or the curves and character of a more classic-style home. There are many different options to choose from, and the experts can generally help you narrow them down.

Go Natural

If you want to create a swimming pool with a difference, consider adding as many natural elements as possible. You might add rocks around the outside, line it with plants, or even look at water features like waterfalls. Some homeowners even go the extra mile by creating chemical-free pools with plants and microorganisms to purify the water.

Nature-inspired pools can often look a lot more serene and inviting than others, and that might be the look you’re going for in your home.

Prioritise Landscaping

While your swimming pool is likely your main priority, don’t neglect landscaping as it can be a significant design element all on its own. Look at different decking materials you can use, outdoor furniture, and even plants that add to the pool’s appeal. Some people also include various heights around the pool to add extra excitement and intrigue.

Coming up with pool designs is not always easy, but it can be made much easier. Any of these options above may help you to come up with some brilliant ideas of your own. You can also rely on pool builders for a helping hand if you need it.

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