How To Evaluate The Financial Feasibility Of A Solar Energy System

How To Evaluate The Financial Feasibility Of A Solar Energy System For Your Business

As Australia, and the world as a whole, moves towards a more sustainable future, many businesses are considering solar energy as a viable option for powering their operations and are therefore installing a solar system from Westsun Energy to generate electricity for them. Whilst there are certainly environmental benefits to making the switch to solar, it is also important for businesses to consider the financial factors that apply to such a move which we will explore in some detail in this blog post.

Upfront Costs

Firstly, businesses need to consider the upfront costs associated with installing a solar energy system. Whilst the cost of solar panels has come down significantly in recent years, the initial investment required can still be substantial, especially for larger businesses that operate within large commercial premises. Some incentives may apply, and special commercial loans specifically for environmental projects might be available.

Your Location

If you are considering solar panels,  the location of your business is another important factor to consider when evaluating the financial feasibility of proceeding. In general, if you are located in an area with higher levels of sunlight it will generate more solar power, making solar more cost-effective. However, factors such as shading from nearby buildings or trees can also impact the amount of solar power your system can generate.

Energy Consumption

To get a sense of whether a solar energy system is financially feasible for your business, you will need to consider your current energy consumption. This includes not only your current energy usage but also any expected changes in the near future. One point to consider is whether the amount of electricity your business uses is significant enough to create bills that are large enough so the savings realised from solar energy would justify the cost of having a solar system installed.

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7 Shower Screen Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

7 Shower Screen Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

One of the most popular ways in which homeowners upgrade their bathrooms is with the installation of shower screens. Apart from the main benefit of no longer having to use inferior shower curtains which seem only to attract dirt and grime, and do a poor job of stopping water from getting onto the bathroom floor, shower screens are also highly attractive to the extent that they add a touch of style to your bathroom, the same way an internal glass balustrade elevates a staircase in comparison to an old fashioned wooden stair-rail.

Another huge benefit of shower screens is that there is a bountiful choice of different types and designs, all of which allow you to make your bathroom as stylish as any other room in your home. As for what those choices of shower screens are, here are seven of the most popular ideas along with a brief description of each of them to hopefully help you get closer to making your choice.

Shower Screen Idea #1 – Fully Framed

For those looking for the most robust and durable shower screens available, a framed shower screen is what you need. As its name suggests, these shower screens have the glass set in a frame making them a robust option, and safe option too. The most common materials used to make the frames are aluminium, steel, and brass.

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7 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Landscape Designer To Design Your New Garden

7 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Landscape Designer To Design Your New Garden

There are many ways in which you can have a design created for a landscaped garden, but if you want it to be done as it should so that the finished garden is one you are delighted with, then you must entrust the design to professional landscape architects. Whilst professional gardeners and others with design skills might be able to offer suggestions and tips, ultimately the design of a newly landscaped garden requires the skills and experience of landscape designers.

We are not just saying that because they are the best person for the job, but because there are several reasons why you want a landscape architect to design your new garden. To back up that statement here are seven of those reasons we hope will help to convince you that a landscape architect is who you must call upon to have your landscaped garden designed.

Reason #1 – Landscape Architects Can Generate Lots Of Design Ideas For Your New Garden

Not every homeowner is going to burst forth with tons of ideas for their garden and the good news is they do not have to. They might have some preferences but when it comes to bringing a range of ideas to the table, a landscape architect will have plenty of them based on their experience of knowing what has worked in the gardens of previous landscaping clients.

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How High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove Mould From Your Home’s Exterior

How High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove Mould From Your Home's Exterior

One of the worst organic substances that can attach itself to the exterior of your home is mould, and this is why many homeowners require the services of a high pressure cleaning company to get rid of it. One of the main reasons you need to remove mould from your home’s exterior, apart from how unsightly it makes your home look,  is that it is destructive. In addition, it can also cause several health issues too.

As for its destructive properties, mould causes issues ranging from discolouration and staining of surfaces to rotting the materials on the outside of your home to the extent that they need replacing, which could result in huge costs being incurred. One material to look out for is  limestone, as it can become plauged with mould and requires high pressure limestone cleaning to remove it.

More serious than that are the health implications of having mould growing around your home’s exterior. Mould can induce breathing difficulties and coughing, and can also irritate the eyes and the throat. It is especially troublesome for those with conditions such as asthma or allergies.

Hopefully, you will agree that mould is something which you want to eliminate as quickly as possible. Delaying or ignoring it can mean that the mould grows unfettered, and if allowed to do so, when you do eventually get around to dealing with it the damage to health and property could be significantly more serious than it would have been had you dealt with it earlier.

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6 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

6 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

When trying to design your kitchen, there are lots of things you can do to make the process and the result the best it can be. However, there are also several ways in which you not only make it more difficult for yourself but also have a design that is nowhere close to what you need or want.

We could probably create a list as long as this page contains what you should and should not do when trying to design your kitchen, but as we assume you do not wish to spend the rest of the day reading, we have kept it to just six mistakes you should avoid making when designing a kitchen.

Underestimating The Amount Of Storage Space You Need

A huge mistake is not to calculate and include in your kitchen design enough storage space. Consider organising your storage space with personalised labels to keep your new kitchen always looking neat and tidy. Apart from your current utensils, pots, pans, and the amount of food you store, you are likely to buy new items for your new kitchen so ensure that, if anything, you overestimate the storage rather than leaving yourself with not enough.

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5 Reasons Why Homeowners Absolutely Love Glass Balustrading

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Absolutely Love Glass Balustrading

If you were to carry out a survey of homeowners and ask them what their favourite improvement to their home has been, we are certain that many of them would reply that it was the installation of glass balustrading. It is also true that if you were to ask several homeowners about glass balustrading there will be some who have no idea what it is or may know it by another name

Just in case you fall into that second group, we should explain that you are more than likely to have seen glass balustrading in your office building, in public buildings you have visited or even in the homes of your friends, probably without releasing what it was called. In short, glass balustrading is a barrier system that consists of a series of glass panels, which are held in place by supports called balustrades.

Uses of glass balustrading include fencing, demarcation of interior and exterior areas, swimming pool barriers, sidings for stairs, and balcony surrounds, to name but a few. Whilst they have many commercial uses, the use of glass balustrading for the improvement of the interior and exterior of homes has grown enormously popular. Read on and you will discover why glass balustrading is loved by so many homeowners.

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Swimming Pool Designs That Stand Out

Swimming Pool Designs That Stand Out

Coming up with swimming pool designs when you’re renovating your property and installing a pool can be hard work. You might have only ever imagined having a swimming pool – not actually thinking about all the potential design options you have to choose from.

If you need a helping hand with this process, you may be able to gain inspiration from some of these design ideas below. Before long, you could be enjoying the swimming pool of your dreams.

Child-Friendly Designs

Some homeowners decide to install pools in their backyards so their children can swim as a fun pastime, especially in summer. If this is one of the main reasons you have decided to install a pool, consider the child-friendly elements your pool can include.

You might have a small shed for all their pool toys and floaties, safe decking or tiling around the outside, and a fun slide next to stairs for getting into the pool. Of course, you will also need safety measures in place, such as fences, self-closing gates, pool covers, and pool alarms.

Eye-Catching Entry

Many homeowners try their hardest to make their swimming pool blend in with their landscaping, but why not take the opposite approach? Make your pool the star of the show by creating an eye-catching entry leading to it.

Craft a stunning pathway that leads to the pool area and consider the use of strategically placed plants for symmetry. When you landscape with purpose, you may find it much easier to tie in the look of your swimming pool while also helping it to stand out in its own right.

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Designing the Best Website for your Business – What you need to know


You need to have a good understanding of the psychology of your audience in order to deliver a meaningful experience through your website design according to the experts at Web Design Perth.

The boss at Slinky, Peter Brittain says that the human mind has a tendency to gravitate towards novelty – the unknown. Novel experiences do not just capture our attention; they are also an essential need of the human mind. We feel the pull of the world as our brain continues to seek novel experiences.

Once a new experience is known and understood, the brain wanders again to find another unknown to master. From one novel experience to another, the human brain seems to flow through the world exploring new concepts, mastering them and then setting them aside as the attention is drawn to something novel.

And all this happens within seconds!

1.      Relevance

Storytelling – The Modern Art of Learning

Your business website will be a success if only you’ll let your audience know why it is important for them to go through this information – usually portrayed through digital marketing stratergies. The learning session that you design needs to be relevant and meaningful to your audience and in order to make the information more relevant to your audience; you need to have a good understanding of their psychology.

A good way to organize information is to design it into a narrative structure. The concept of storytelling has always been one of the most critical parts of social engagement. Stories and myths are not only relatable, but are also a fun way to capture the attention of your audience.

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5 Tips To Protect Your Carpets From Damage

5 Tips To Protect Your Carpets From Damage

There are many who pay little attention to their carpets and simply replace them whenever the need arises. For others, they prefer to care for their carpets properly and with carpet cleaning are able to prolong the life of their carpets for some considerable time.

If your thinking is closer to the latter group but are unsure how you could prevent your carpets from being damaged and thus last longer, then you are in the place. Below you will find Brilliance Carpet Cleaners‘s 5 of the best tips for protecting carpets from damage and helping them stay as good as new for longer.

Tip #1: Use Rugs In Areas With The Most Foot Traffic

In every home, there are areas of the carpets that the family walk across the most. These tend to be at the main entrance, the hallway, and doorways to the main lounge or living room. It follows that if these areas are the ones with the most use, then they are the ones which visible damage to the carpet will occur first.

To protect these areas the simplest solution is to place a rug over them which will take the brunt of the wear, and if that gets to the point when the rug needs replaced, then that is easier and cheaper  than replacing all your carpets completely.

Tip #2: Use Stain Repellent

This might not be suitable for every carpet type, and before using one, always check the carpet manufacturer’s instructions. What a stain repellent does is create a protective coating on the fibres of a carpet and therefore if a liquid is spilled on it, that liquid can be blotted up more easily than if it were able to soak deep into the carpet, damaging it permanently.

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5 Ways to Make Your Web Design Look Professional

Web Design Look Professional

Everyone who decides to include a website for their business will want it to look professional. The trouble is they may not know exactly how to accomplish this. The very best way is to hire a professional digital marketing agency to do it for you, and you can look over their shoulder as it were, to make sure they include these 5 ways to make your web design look professional.

  • Clean and free of clutter is the watchword. No one wants to try and navigate through a forest where the trees are so close together they have to walk sideways. Neither do they want to work out where to go and how to get there on a website that is so cluttered they can’t see anything. A clear and clean page will make your visitor happy because they can see what they want straight away.
  • Research other websites and see what you like about them and if it works well when you try to navigate through to other pages. If you truly love some feature ask your designer if it can be incorporated into your website. In fact, copy down the URL so your designer can see for himself what you mean.
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